A walk to the Urbia sierra is an excellent option for combining with a visit to the Aranzazu Sanctuary, as the climb to this wonderful place begins there.  You will be captivated by its landscape:  winding streams descending the green and grey limestone slopes, horses and sheep grazing placidly, and small cabins that serve as shelters for the local shepherds.  Close by, for the more adventurous, are the highest peaks in Euskadi:  Mount Aitxuri (1,551m) and Mount Aizkorri (1,528).

A piece of advice:  make sure you refuel at the tavern that you will find when you arrive at Urbía.  You can sate a hungry stomach with a homemade soup, or sample some exquisite cheeses and chorizos.  And in these surroundings they taste all the more delicious!