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Landscapes and much more... If you want to know the historical and natural heritage of the region you have it very close.

Desde Areano te queremos recomendar algunas experiencias únicas de turismo en el País Vasco que no deberías perderte al visitar nuestra comarca. Descubrirás paisajes increíbles, degustarás sabores únicos, vivirás costumbres ancestrales… Sigue nuestras recomendaciones y sumérgete en una experiencia 100% made in Euskadi.

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A few minutes from Areano is the Urkulu reservoir, one of the entrance gates to the Natural Park and the main attraction of the area. Urkulu is a spectacular place that is still unknown to many. Many visitors agree that its surroundings are reminiscent of bucolic Swiss landscapes.

Urkulu’s surroundings form an idyllic, typically Basque landscape: a lake with clean, blue waters, fields of intense green, white farmhouses scattered around rural churches and imposing mountains. The area has everything for you to enjoy sport, walking, photography, bird watching, but above all, to disconnect, relax and blend in with nature.

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Above the country house stands the immense mountainous mass of Kurtzebarri (1,146 m), one of the most emblematic mountains that make up the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park. This Natural Park stands out for the scenic beauty of its mountains, slopes and forests. An ideal setting for activities in contact with nature: hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, potholing…

A few metres from the rural house is the access to the path that starts the ascent. From the top you can enjoy spectacular views of the Urkulu reservoir and a large part of the upper Deba valley.


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In the heart of the Leniz valley, Aretxabaleta offers travellers a wide range of cultural, sporting and rural leisure options.

Set in an eminently mountainous landscape, the municipality offers tourists the opportunity to discover places of great natural beauty, such as the Urkulu reservoir, the river Deba or the Kurtzebarri and Murugain mountains.

Those with a preference for culture will also find reasons for satisfaction, as Aretxabaleta has a rich artistic heritage, such as: the antechurches, the 18th century palaces: Arratabe (Town Hall since 1986), Otalora and Arkarazo, or the 14th century Casa Torre Otalora and Casa Torre de Galartza…

All this, without forgetting those who are looking for the tranquillity and cordiality of the rural environment, the Arkupe Cultural Centre, or the new Sports Centre and its marvellous Spa.

Aretxabaleta has, in short, a rich compendium of tourist attractions of which this page aims to give an account, but we recommend that you visit this municipality in person to better understand its idiosyncrasy.

To find out more, click on this link: Historical Heritage

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Eskoriaza, together with Aretxabaleta, make up the two villages that embrace Mendiola, the district in which the Areano country house is located.

One of the main attractions of Eskoriaza is the succession of seven anteiglesias, seven small rural neighbourhoods made up of farmhouses and churches, surrounded by a natural environment, which allow you to get to know the rural world of Gipuzkoa in peace and quiet.

In the past, the anteiglesias were independent. This is why each one maintains its own personality and its own particular focal points of interest. Thus, in Bolibar, already immersed in the Aizkorri Aratz Natural Park, you can start the ascent to Aitzorrotz, the most emblematic peak in Eskoriaza. In Apotzaga you cannot miss its circular cemetery, and in Gellao you will find the Romanesque parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Ascensión.

In the town centre, be sure to visit the Ibarraundi Museum, an old palace that now displays the history and customs of the Basque people.

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Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park

It preserves a good extension of original forests, especially beech forests (40%), although there are also areas of oak trees, and it is here where the highest peaks of the Basque Country are located.

It is also worth mentioning the fauna that inhabits the park, from birds of prey to endangered invertebrates.

Likewise, the cultural heritage of the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park is very remarkable.

Not in vain there is the possibility of visiting a first class religious center such as the Sanctuary of Arantzazu, or megalithic monuments, and even ancient structures related to charcoal-making and shepherding.

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Alto Deba region

The rural house is located in the valley of Alto Deba, one of the most remote and authentic valleys of the Basque Country. This region is known by the name of Debagoiena, and is full of unique corners, an unparalleled gastronomy, and ancestral traditions.

In the following link you can find all the information of tourist interest of the region, as well as the activities, fairs and markets that are organized in the area.

More info in this link: Debagoiena Tourism

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Discover a city that always surprises! Named in 2012 European Green Capital, in 2014 Gastronomic Capital, Vitoria hides many secrets that are only known when you decide to visit it, no doubt it will not leave you indifferent.

More info at this link: Vitoria Tourism

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San Sebastian

For many the most beautiful city in Europe. Its beaches, its promenade, the crashing of the waves, the harmony of its architecture, the old town, its pintxos, make San Sebastian a must for those who have not visited the Basque Country before.

More info in this link: San Sebastian Tourism

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Much more than the Guggenheim. While the museum has put the city on the world map, the renovated city of Bilbao is an essential visit with much to offer: a wide cultural offer, its old town, gastronomy, the walk along the river, and much more!

More info at this link: Bilbao Tourism

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Rioja Alavesa

Less than an hour away you can visit the medieval villages of the Rioja Alavesa. Villages that are like islands in a sea of endless vineyards, where wine and culture go hand in hand. There you can taste the best wines and discover the secrets of the elaboration of such precious wines.

More information: Tourism of La Rioja

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